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  Code of Conduct
  • EXCEL&BUTTERFELY CO.,Ltd. (EB) is a individual office and manufactory. In order to have a social responsibility towards the people involved in production processes has set up a “Code of Conduct”. 
  • “Respect Human Rights” is the normative element of this “Code of Conduct”.
  • We need to follow our national laws.  If any contradiction is found between the supplier’s national laws and this Code of  Conduct, please inform ours for follow up.
  • SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY REQUIREMENTS                                                                     
  • (1) Child  Labour
  • EB avoids doing business with any company engaged in using child labour in any part of the production.  Child labour is understood as work done by a child according to regulations mentioned in ILO Convention 138 article 2-4.  In the event that a child would be found working for a supplier or subcontractor, we do request that a satisfactory solution to improve the child’s situation will be found.  This solution must contain seizure off labour, as well as responsibility by the supplier to secure basic education to the child in question.
  • (2)  Forced  Labour
  • EB will not work with companies engaged in the use of forced labour (personnel who have not offered their labour voluntarily) or who suffer illegal restriction (not being free to withdrawn from the labour contract).
  • (3) Disciplinary Practices
  • EB will refrain from doing business with companies engaged in the use of corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion or any other kind of abuse or humiliation of employees
  • (4) Health & Safety.
  • Our suppliers should provide the workers a healthy working environment and appropriate sanitary facilities.   A system to detect, avoid or respond to potential threats should also be established for their health and safety.
  • (5) Freedom of Association & Collective Bargaining
  • EB emphasizes that under any conditions, workers have the right to freedom of association and bargaining
  • (6) Discrimination
  • EB expects their suppliers to hire the personnel based on the working capabilities and skills, without any discrimination on gender, religion, race, etc.
  • (7) Working Hours & Compensation
  • EB emphasizes with their suppliers that wages need to be paid in compliance with local laws and meet the legal minimum standards.  The salaries should be sufficient to meet the basic living needs and to provide extra discretionary income.  The working hours for the personnel shall not exceed the legal limits in the country and overtime work needs to be properly remunerated.  Personnel should be allowed at least one free day in every seven day period
  • (8) Management Responsibility
  • EB expects its suppliers and manufacturers to go through and distribute this Code of Conduct to all relevant personnel engaged in working with our orders.
  • (1) Principles: Trust & Cooperation
  • EB expects and encourages all suppliers to respect these social standards.  Suppliers are expected do their utmost to work towards their complete implementation.  This applies to any possible subcontractor as well.
  • (2) Monitoring
  • EB reserves the right to conduct audits held by their auditing team or third party auditors, to monitor and ensure the proper compliance with this Code of Conduct.
  • (3) Non-Compliance
  • EB has the right to terminate the business relationship if the supplier is failing to comply with these ethical standards and does not take corrective measure in due time.  In case of minor non-conformance, corrective measures should be taken within an agreed time limit.


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